Inspired by my grandfather (and Tim Cook)

My grandfather was an ad guy. He ran brands and divisions in the heyday of Procter & Gamble.

Published by SOCAP Global (12 Nov. 2020)

A few weeks ago, I had the great privilege of moderating a discussion on the role of government in reshaping capitalism to drive real change. ( You can watch the full conversation in the video recording at the end of this post.) In the soon-to-be released book Impact, by the amazing Sir Ronald Cohen, the case is presented for moving towards an economic model of risk-return-impact, versus the standard risk-reward binary. This new model still targets returns (profit), but also accounts for the real social and environmental risks of doing business. …

The New Influencer Marketing (part 3)

Illustration: Sarah Grillo for Axios

Throughout history, from Rome to rock ‘n roll — uniquely positioned individuals and organizations have wielded influence over the masses. …

A Systems-level Approach to Value Creation

In 2020, the end product or service you sell is no longer all that customers expect from you.

Innovation & Circularity for Consumer Goods

Less than 40% of ALL beverage containers get recycled according to The American Beverage Association

I’m a sucker for packaging innovation.

& of Everything

The future is always a fascinating topic. And as a business strategist focused on growth, it’s also a job requirement to look ahead…

  • Directly employs 30 million people, or roughly 10% of the total national population (or did, prior to COVID)
  • Plays a significant role in personal consumption expenditure (which accounts for 2/3 of the country’s GDP)
  • Defines the fabric of our communities and our daily…

The New Influencer Marketing (part 2)

In the past month since George Floyd’s very public death, the US and world have been roiled by protests and civil action calling for equality, justice, and a long-overdue review of the systemic racism that permeates our society and business systems.

When Celebrities Lean into Cause

LA Laker and NBA Champion, LeBron James wears a Black Lives Matter shirt; On June 11th, 2020, James announced the creation of a non-profit dedicated to supporting American voting rights

Over the past two decades — the influence of celebrity in our lives has grown exponentially.

I spent this past weekend deep in reflection. Trying to winnow down the feelings in my heart. What confluence of things is coloring my emotions? Is it the guy who stood me up Saturday for a social distanced walking date we’d reconfirmed only hours before, or the breakup with a long-term friend increasingly so narcissistic and blind to her own incredible white privilege that it’s no longer tolerable? Is it the fact of still being single at 42, or being self-employed in the midst of economic catastrophe? Is it the aloneness of family dysfunction and distance, or having so many…

(And anyone seeking right now)

This month, across the US and around the world, college seniors are graduating. And they’re graduating into a job market that just months ago was entirely different — a seemingly endless train of economic expansion and prosperity.

Lisa Gralnek

Passionate proponent of positive change. Founder of LVG & Co., an independent strategy consultancy dedicated to making businesses better. (

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